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    Shaun Roberts (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 22:31)

    Still coming for a bit more work done on my sleeve. I've got Sean doing the colour and it's coming along brilliantly. My sleeve is in a Japanese style with loads of vivid colours and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result.
    The lads here, Jack, Sean and George make the time fly by due their upbeat personalities.
    Keep it up fellas!

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    Shaun Roberts (Sunday, 19 June 2016 11:41)

    Been coming to see Jack for the past 2 weeks now for my Japanese themed sleeve. It's almost finished and I can honestly say I'm absolutely made up with how it's coming along. He doesn't rush you, he helps choose the design and style you really want and ultimately he's the dogs bollocks when it comes to tattooing.
    People say tattoos are addictive and if you get a great tattooist who does brilliant work then I can see why it is so addictive.
    I've had a few off his son Sean too, and they too are top if anyone else is thinking of getting ink done, by all means shop around but if you come to Adventure, you'll stop looking elsewhere.

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    adventure tattoo studios (Saturday, 12 July 2014 08:06)

    I'd just like to say to John d ,Trudi and to everyone else it was my pleasure and your all more than welcome its a hard job very stressful and mentally exhausting but i love every minute meeting such awesome people thank you all for your comments x

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    John d (Saturday, 12 July 2014 01:56)

    Fireman tattoo. Many thanks for taking an image from a photograph and turning it into a piece of art. It has great sentimental meanings for me.
    See you again

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    Trudi Atkinson aka Evil Bitch (Thursday, 10 April 2014 16:36)

    A very Big thank you for all the work you have done for me. Love to show off all my wonderful skulls. No skull chains now, my chest piece is my neckless now. I alway sing your praises. regards Evilbitch616

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    lorraine sherwin (Sunday, 01 December 2013 19:08)

    Great tattoos guys...good site too! Keep up the good work.
    Lots of tattoos in Fuerteventura...but not like mine! Thanks..Lorraine

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    Allison (Sunday, 08 September 2013 18:32)

    I wanted something special and that's what I got with a very calm friendly atmosphere I not only got my back piece done but also had a small finger one too.
    Really appreciated the time you took to talk and ask me what exactly what I wanted and delivered brilliantly.

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    Mally (Thursday, 08 August 2013 02:19)

    I have known Jack and Sean for, must be 20 years or more and they have always been good, honest and hardworking friends. I have recently been very ill and, although they haven't been able to get to see me or, me them. I have always known they were at the end of the phone, should I need them. Today, after waiting 2 years or more for that special tattoo, Sean and Jack delivered on there promise and helped me out off my wheelchair and into the studio for the tattoo of my life. Oh Boy !!!! Did they deliver and, I was over the f____n' moon with the results. Not just the tattoo but the surprise that was to follow afterwards. I don't really know what to say guys, other than, THANKS VERY MUCH ! I will never forget what you have done for me, past and present but, more importantly today.
    My wife Rebecca and me think the ned result is absolutely AWESOME !
    Cheers and, all the best to you both .
    Mally and Becky xx

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    David (Monday, 17 June 2013 21:29)

    Hey, I bumped into your buddy Rob at the Download festival on Saturday night before Iron Maiden came on. He mentioned your website.. Boy he wasn'tkidding about the photos and the ink! Amazing! Say Hi to him from me. Up the Irons!

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    Pedro (Monday, 18 February 2013 23:19)

    Jack's sleeves are awesome. I'm portuguese, can I have him drawing my sleeves? How much would it cost? Can't seem to find an email address from you guys so here's mine
    Thank you!

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    trudi aka evil bitch (Saturday, 16 February 2013 17:53)

    Thank you for fanastic sleeves on both arms. I am so excited so see the completion of my stomach picture. It may be painful, but it is well worth it. I lookforward to the day when it is finshed. You are a brillant tattooist. The Evil Bitch thanks you.

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    Anastacia (Tuesday, 29 January 2013 22:21)

    Hey, I have got some questions to ask about a tattoo which I would like to get done in your studio.
    This is my email address

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    kev marsh (Sunday, 22 July 2012 22:04)

    jack big thanks for your help and exellent work on my cover up over the moon with the design and the quality see you soon for the colouring

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    Danielle (Friday, 11 May 2012 10:44)

    hi adventure studios i was wondering if you were taking people to do aprenticeships as i am interested in tattooing as a career my email is if you would be able to help me out.
    Ragards Danielle

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    Trudi Atkinson aka Evil Bitch (Wednesday, 02 May 2012 16:27)

    My leg tattoos are fantastic, the tattoo of the seven deadly sins showing different pics of women are ace. I cannot wait to see the whole pic of 4 horsemen of the apocalypse on my left leg. You are a brilliant tattooist. The atmosphere in the studio is very relaxing and the banter is fun and puts a smile on my face. Its a great place to hang out.

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    Kenny (Wednesday, 14 March 2012 21:06)

    Well made up with my tattoo, looks amazing thanks alot!

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    tabussim (Monday, 20 February 2012 20:30)

    its my first tattoo i like the floral lizard on page 43. whens the best time to call in - how much do i need to bring - how long will it take -whats the best aftercare. yours nervous tabs x

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    John Puckett (Thursday, 27 October 2011 16:46)

    I love your art,but i would love to have cards from your artists.
    I collect them.
    My address is:
    2841 N.E 13 Dr.
    Gainesville,FL 32609 USA

    Thank you

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    Curly (Monday, 26 September 2011 03:06)

    Iv been a customer of jack and sean's for 10 years now and there the best at what they do. Weather it's your first tattoo, a cover up or a full sleeve they make you feel very welcome.

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    Warner (Wednesday, 14 September 2011 10:34)

    You did my harmonica last september.. Brilliant work. Hope to be back for a pin up girl in next 2 or 3 weeks.. Top team

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    Marcus HÖLZINGER (Thursday, 01 September 2011 19:56)

    Hi I´m the guy from germany again. i forgot to give you my e-mail adress:
    (i want to come in mid october for a new tattoo)
    And please tell me, whats the costs of them
    i come at 16/10/

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    Joanne Mulcahy (Sunday, 12 June 2011 15:05)

    Hi, love the website, it looks ace see ya soon xxx

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    warner (Thursday, 26 May 2011 19:13)

    better late than never ... great tattoo of blues harmonica. well pleased. see you guys soon

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    Tracey (Thursday, 26 May 2011 17:24)

    Thank you so much for two lovely cover up tattoos, and also for being so friendly and welcoming to my 82 year old Dad who came along for the ride!! He was really impressed. My two butterfly tattoos are stunning. Thank you to everyone - and hi to Warren who was having the soles of his feet done - ouch!!

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    Tubz (Friday, 29 April 2011 16:07)

    thank you so much for my tattoo's they are great everyone as asked where i got them and commented and said how lovely they are thank you so mch you are great :-) :-)

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    lyndi goff (Thursday, 14 April 2011 17:06)

    well wot a sesh,once again shaun i am totally GOBSMACKED by your work,my sleeve is coming on nicely and cant wait to get it finished luv . the detail on the graveyard is great and you were right about the sleepy hollow style tree . . . I LOVE IT , MANY THANX LUV, just waiting for the swelling to go down now as i still feel like a WWF WRESTLER hee hee , see you soon guys x lyndi goff .

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    HAPPYHIPPY (Monday, 28 March 2011 00:19)

    A very happy hippy once again! Sean your work is awsome, I said after the last cover up, a great guy, it's a lovely place to go for your first tattoo or your 100th! I WILL be back soon, again. Had some great compliments already. Thankyou :-)

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    Evil Bitch (Saturday, 05 March 2011 23:56)

    Thank you for your kind words, of appreciation. You are fantastic tattoo artist. The gates of Eden are brilliant. You have an excellent imagination. I lookforward in what you will dream up next for my other leg. Thank you again from the bottom of my evil heart.

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    Trudi aka Evil Bitch (Monday, 07 February 2011 22:19)

    Hi Sean
    Thank you for the wonderful tattoo of the snake and evil apple. You are brillant. All my tattoos are fantastic. You transfered my dreams of skulls on to me. I thank you from the bottom of my evil heart.

    Kind regards

    Trudi aka Evil Bitch

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    Bridget Firth (Saturday, 01 January 2011 18:43)

    Can't find the words to explain how grateful i am to all the guys, a very nervous first tattoo for me made easier by the shear expert advise given through out, the fantastic attention to detail am sure no other could have carried out, i have been enhanced beautifully i absolutely love the work done , a deffo big heartfelt thanks to you all for giving me exactely wot i wanted and more, a very personal and meaningful work of art , with absolute respect to you all thank you xxx

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    adventure tattoo studios (Sunday, 14 November 2010 14:26)


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    Trudi Atkinson aka Evil Bitch (Friday, 12 November 2010 09:47)

    Sean you are the best. My new tattoo is excellent regarding the lady vampire and thank you Jack for the artwork. I love all my tattoos. I lookforward to the next tattoo. regards trudi

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    bastard bob (Thursday, 30 September 2010 22:10)

    sean + jack started covering up some crap tattoos for me a few years ago, their level of workmanship, cleanliness and dedication led me to the decision that no other tattooist would ever come near me,i,m really glad i got to know u guys, ps, is carl really lady gaga?

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    paul (Friday, 10 September 2010 21:47)

    after having a lady luck tattoo would just like to again thank jack for brilliant design and sean for his superb tattooing and attention to detail, couldnt be more pleased with how it turned out,all a good set of blokes ,and also do a good line in I-PADS lol thanks paul

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    dave (Monday, 23 August 2010 11:43)

    great work guys keep it up you may have tried the rest now try the best go and see jack and sean

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    rebecca addyman (Wednesday, 11 August 2010 20:29)

    Just had my foot done which sean drew by hand. I am so pleased and ill see you again next time. Jack and Sean have done all of my tattoos and i deffo recomend them.

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    trudi aka evil bitch (Sunday, 01 August 2010 13:27)

    Thank for my fantastic arm tattoos you have done for me. My whole back is a work of art to me. You are the best ever. You design the best eye tattoos ever. My next step is the side of my thighs I will have to think. I will chat with you to see if you have any good ideas. Thanks again. Evil Bitch

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    becky mcneice (Tuesday, 20 July 2010 12:21)

    hiya,thanks very much for the fab swallow tattoo evey1 loves it,thanks again fo doing such a good job!!!!XXX

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    pep (Monday, 12 July 2010 22:03)

    keep the good work up sean and jack....with your internet site.....its fantastic........

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    marie bolton (Saturday, 26 June 2010 19:11)

    thanks sean for makin my arm so ace with all winnie pooh characters it looks ace cant wait till rest is done thanks from marie x

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    Caz (Saturday, 19 June 2010 13:07)

    Had my 1st tattoo done by Sean,its brill i love it,ive had good remarks from everyone whose seen it.Will be coming again for another doing also my son and his girlfriend who arent tattoo virgins will be coming to Adventure to get some tattoos done after i raved about how good Sean is,i also have never laughed so much in my life while waiting thanks to a guy who was there,i believe his name is Arthur(resident comedian)should be on stage that guy.Carl also a sound guy.Thanks guys.x

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    adele n andrea (Monday, 14 June 2010 20:55)

    hi every1,thanks for yet another fantastic piece of art coming down 4 my tat's n the banter,xx

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    Liz (Saturday, 22 May 2010 22:03)

    Thanks so much Sean for my beautiful 'Mehndi' tattoo today
    . Only my second so still a bit nervy about it. You were wonderful- from the time spent drawing the petals to Just how you wanted them to the fascinating chat all the time I was with you! I'll be back again thats for sure. You're brilliant at what you do but also a truly lovely guy. Thanks again. x

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    marvel-us (Tuesday, 27 April 2010 20:52)


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    Happy Hippy (Monday, 26 April 2010 18:35)

    I had my first tattoo with Sean today, it's excellent, it's a cover up of an old awful tattoo I had, I am soooooo pleased I nearly cried! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I'm so happy I've got a piece of art on my back I'll be proud to show off. I will definately be back soon. Great guys, felt right at home! Thanks again, see you very soon ;-)

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    adventure tattoo studios (Thursday, 15 April 2010 01:14)

    Hi Lee

    Im so glad we could help and Im pleased you like the tattoo it is a nice piece of ink, look forward to seeing you again.

    Thanx for your comment
    Sean n Jack..

    Also we would like to thank every one who's commented on our site and on our facebook group,

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    Lee (Monday, 12 April 2010 15:31)

    Hi Sean,
    Dont know if you remember but you did me a cover up last week, when others tattooist didn't want to know, you just got on with it and did me a tattoo that I love, I will be in touch in the next few weeks, to get it extended into a half sleeve, and the wife will call in for her koi doing.
    Lee the holiday man from Halifax.

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    sue (Tuesday, 30 March 2010 11:04)

    had afew tattoos at yr studio and keep coming back for anothe rbut yr always busy so shows hw many enjoy wanting more as u get the likeness of personal tattoos exact

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    kate (Wednesday, 17 March 2010 15:37)

    brill work u guys kly as needed good tattooist 4 yearsyour work is brill all u need is a coffee machine well done all of u c u real soon

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    adventure tattoo studios (Wednesday, 24 February 2010 22:37)


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