Memories of Ian Shackleton (Hec)

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    nyle (Wednesday, 04 June 2014 11:34)

    found this by mistake but i still wanted to write something. miss you dad xxxx

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    millie (Saturday, 09 February 2013 12:09)

    i <3 my granddad

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    Steve Watkinson (Shacky) (Tuesday, 15 January 2013 19:11)

    Having just seen whilst trawling through the site for a little tattoo inspiration I can honestly say I am so deeply touched guys. Its almost a year now since Dad passed away and its hearth warming to see these pics. I know Dad thought the world of you guys.

    He has been missed this year, but there are always reminders there just when you need them. This being one of the best.

    Thanks guys, and hope to you soon both soon.


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    adventure tattoo studios (Sunday, 11 March 2012 14:59)

    I've known Ian all my life and I've always looked up to him and had a huge amount of respect for him. It was always a pleasure to see him and have a chat about music, films and life in general. If anyone could put the world to rights it would be Ian. I could always count on him for solid advice and his understanding of everything knew no boundaries. Ian had the best sense of humour, we always had a laugh. I always knew Ian as Hec, from being a child, a nickname given to him in the late 60's by my dad, Jack, and their friend Harry, as he looked like the lead character in the tv programme Hec Ramsey! This huge loss will leave a massive hole in my life and I shall miss him greatly.